What’s your Chinese Antique worth? Junk or Gem?

Chances are you’ve arrived at this page because a search engine or social media directed you to it - this is the highest ranking page on the Internet for free and simple appraisals of Chinese Antiques.

We’ve appraised thousands of Chinese Antiques in goodwill over the years. Our Junk or Gem Appraisal Service harnesses online social media by posted appraisals and valuations on Instagram - you’ll receive a link to it by email to yours - you don’t need even to use social media to read it.

One of our participating dealers specialising in the relevant Chinese Antique category that covers yours will provide a short and simple but expert appraisal of your Chinese Antique.

Junk or Gem 💎 | How it works

1 Tell us about your Chinese Antique. We’ll forward what you tell us to the right dealer.

2 The dealer will appraise and value the item based on these factors where appropriate:

Purpose / function (e.g. for a rituals)

If it’s a reproduction - of what artefact

Age (Dynasty and Emperor)

Geographical origin (e.g. province of China)

Authenticity of the patina

Authenticity of proportions of the various parts

credibility of provenance

materials of significance are part of the construction (e.g. wood that is precious / extinct)?

[See an example here]

3. A Junk or Gem rating will be given to conclude the appraisal:

lowest point (Junk) there is no market value
highest point the scale (Gem) there is significant value.

4 We’ll post the appraisal on our Junk or Gem Instagram page and a link to it will be emailed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get the appraisal?

Generally, it will take up to 3 days from submission for the appraisal to be completed and posted. Participating dealers are located around the world and as such, there maybe public holidays which extend this timeframe.

How can you offer the appraisal free?

Nothing in life is free. Did somebody open the door for you for free? No, they got emotional gratification - money isn’t the only currency! Our Junk or Gem program provides dealers the opportunity to apply a small amount of time on a short and simple appraisal of your Chinese Antique in exchange for demonstrating their expertise.

Why is the appraisal posted on Instagram instead of just sending it to me?

Instagram is increasingly popular way for Chinese Antiques lovers to discover more….

How are you going to use the data I submit?

Any data you submit will only be used for the purpose of appraising your Chinese Antique and will be shared only with the participating dealer.

Who are the dealers appraising my Chinese Antique?

They are established dealers based around the world respected for their opinion on specific types of Chinese Antiques. The dealer name will appear in the appraisal by its name and / or mentioning of its Instagram handle in the narrative of the Instagram post.

What if I don’t want the dealer to contact me?

There’s no options for the appraising dealer not to have access to your contact details. Why should a dealer do anything for an anonymous party?

There’s only two viable reasons why an somebody wouldn’t want to have the appraising dealer contact you. The first is that they’re trying to ultimately, sell a fake Chinese Antique, want to avoid closer interaction and therefore, being fully exposed. The second is that they’re insecure about the authenticity of their Chinese Antique and don’t want to look like a complete fool. If you’re the former, please don’t waste your time on this page. If you’re the latter, don’t be shy, just like to your doctor, the dealers have seen it all!