Whether you are looking for a buyer or just curious, we provide a simple and informal appraisal of Chinese antiques and works of art through our network of dealer partners.  An appraisal will where possible provide date range / Dynasty, region, material and market value.  

1. Check if the Antique / Work of Art can be Appraised

We can arrange to appraise:

Chinese Antique Bronze | Chinese Antique Pottery / Terracotta | Chinese Antique Wood | Chinese Antique Stone

We do not currently arrange appraisals for paintings or any type of ceramics.

2. Give Words and Pictures about the Antique / Work of Art

3.  Pay Appraisal Fee

Due to the overwhelming number of submission we are receiving, we have introduced a small Appraisal Fee of £25.00 per piece.  This Fee is passed to the dealer(s) carrying out the Appraisal to cover the cost of their time.  Once we have received your the details captured in Step 2 / above, we will let you confirm whether we can appraise your piece and if so, providing a link for you to make an online payment.