How to Buy

As a leading online gallery for Oriental Works of Art, we provide one place online for you to find, browse and purchase with confidence.  With our Marker Price Guarantee you can assured that you are not over paying for pricing for a comparable piece on the market.  When you are ready to purchase, we will connect you directly to the dealer to transact, free of any hidden costs or commission as though you visited their galleries directly.

Pricing & Enquiries

  • Ask a question or get a price (if not displayed) by clicking on the "Make an Enquiry" button at the bottom of  description page.  We work with the dealers to provide answers to your enquiries in native English, whether you prefer email or a telephone call.  
  • Guide prices are displayed within the pieces description (where the dealer permits).  Once you have provided you delivery destination, we will obtain an firm quote from the dealer, which will be typically vary + / - 10% less depending on the destination. 
  • Pricing is always quoted inclusive of custom packing, insurance and door to door shipping (unless otherwise stated) but they are not inclusive of any import taxes, vary.  To help, here is a third party calculator (we are not endorsing this or its accuracy).


  • Purchases are made direct with the dealer. 
  • A dealer will raise an invoice directly for your payment usually in their local currency.  Payments are accepted by bank transfer and due to high risk of fraud, online / card payments are not accepted.
  • There is no additional cost at any point in time to purchase pieces exhibited on this web site.  We are paid a fixed fee by dealers to list items on our site.

Packing, Shipping & Insurance

Most Oriental Works of Art can be delivered within approximately 2 weeks from the receipt of invoiced funds.  The process from receipt of payment to delivery includes these steps:

  1. Customised packing to ensure your purchase is fully protected during transit and arrives safely.
  2. Delivery (by air for international shipments) by the dealer's designated / preferred transportation partner.
  3. Insurance to cover restoration in the event of damage (provided that restoration does not affect the the value of the piece), or the whole cost the piece in the event of total physical loss or significant loss of value caused by damage.  Given our experience, both circumstances are extremely rare.
  4. Packing is professionally undertaken to ensure delicate, fragile and highly valuable Oriental Works of Art are protected as far as possible from damage during the shipping process.
  5. All necessary documentation to satisfy the local tax authorities when your purchase arrives into the destination country will be provided to the transportation partner.  Where available / possible, we will provide a tracking reference for you to check the status of the shipment online.
  6. When your work of art arrives in the destination country, you will be contacted by the transportation partner (for example, DHL) to request that you settle any import taxes due before your purchase makes its onward journey to its destination.  Import taxes vary and guide can be provided using this third party calculator (we are not endorsing this)..

Market Price Guarantee

Getting ripped off buying oriental antiques and works of art is sadly, a widespread and frequent occurrence.  This is one of the main concerns of newbie Chinese Antique buyers and enthusiasts.  So In addition to detailed authentication we offer a Market Price Guarantee, the only one of its kind and a testament to the integrity of our participating dealers.  We will guarantee the your purchase price offered by the dealer for the piece you wish to purchase is fair and reflects its prevailing market value.   Our Market Price Guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

  1. You must provide us with sufficient details (images, description including provenance and reference literature where requested by us) of a comparable piece stocked by a third party, which is offered to you at significantly more than (20%) lower price.
  2. A comparable piece must be
    • Available for sale at the time of comparison
    • Originating from the same Dynasty / Period and region (the latter often determining the quality)
    • imilar condition in terms of retention of patina, breakages and restoration where applicable.
  3. Market Price Guarantee must be requested can only be applied at the point of sale (at or prior to invoice being issued (and not thereafter)
  4. Applies to all oriental antiques and works of art displayed on this web site upon unless otherwise stated in the description field.