Jumu in Chinese Furniture

Alternate name / botanical classification: Southern Elm, Zelkova Schneideriana

Juju's sapwood is slightly darker than its heartwood, which varies from yellowish brown to coffee-brown. Southern Elm is found throughout China with larger concentrations in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui provinces as well as Korea and Japan, where it is referred to often as Keyaki. Typical dimensions are 30 meters in height of the arbor and 1.5 meters for the trunk.

Jiangsu craftsmen traditionally divide Jumu into three types: yellow ju (Huangju), red ju (Hongju), and blood ju (Xueju). Factors including the age of the tree are thought to account for these variations in color as well as ranging densities (63-.79 g/cm3). The Blood ju is the most acclaimed and has a reddish-brown color as well as feathery like figure in the tangential surface.

Jumu (not to be confused with Yumu / Northern Elm) is a popular wood for making furniture in the Suzhou region. The difference between Jumu and Yumu is that Jumu has a more refined ring porous structure is also comparatively denser and stronger.